Firearm Courses
At Minnesota Tactics (certified by the MN Department of Public Safety), we have
developed an incredibly complete and comprehensive set of classes, which
are tailored to beginners (our combined Basic and Permit to Carry course is
tailored for beginners, including those who have never handled a firearm),
through intermediates, to experts looking to reach a new level of knowledge on
the law, on handguns, on tactics, or on gear.  Our presentation and book
provide rich graphics, diagrams, and live motion to help you understand each
of our topics.
Our classroom line-up includes the following:
Permit to Carry a Firearm Course (The "Concealed
Carry" Course)
In 2003, Minnesota joined nearly 40 other “shall issue” states when the
Minnesota Citizen’s Personal Protection Act was passed in April of 2003, which
now requires county Sheriff's to issue a Permit to Carry a Firearm if certain
criteria is met, including:

  • If the applicant has completed training with an organization certified by the
    Minnesota Department of Public Safety.
  • Is 21 years old and a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident.
  • Completes an application.
  • Is not prohibited from possessing a firearm, and is not a “danger to self or
    the public.
  • Is not listed as a gang member.

This course is designed to exceed the legal requirements so that you can apply
for your permit to your local Sheriff.

During this course, you'll  learn about developing a personal protection plan,
including understanding mental preparation and the "color codes of
awareness;" you'll learn about the four legal "pillars" guiding the use of deadly
force in MN; you'll study  pertinent MN statutes and how they apply to permit
holders; and you'll also learn about conflict avoidance.  

Other topics covered include:

Handgun basics, ballistic basics, shooting fundamentals, holster options and
recommendations, and other great advice on gear that is important for permit
holders.  Some basic handgun experience is recommended, but not required
for this course.  

The only items required to bring to class are your handgun (unloaded and in its
case) and 40 rounds of factory ammunition.  If you do not have a firearm, we will
help you select one for the day from our extensive collection of range guns.  
Ammunition may also be purchased at the range.

Class duration is approximately six hours long.  Class sizes will be limited to
no more than 12.  One-on-one sessions can also be scheduled for the fee
shown below.
Class Fee:  $125.00  Schedule and Registration>
One-on-One Class Fee:  $300.00
Basic Handgun Familiarization and Permit to Carry
Combined Course
This course is designed for new or inexperienced shooters, and combines all
basics from a "Basic Handgun Familiarization Course" with our "Permit to Carry
Course" outlined above.  After completion of this course, you will be familiar
with both revolvers and semi-autos and how to break them down and clean
them; you'll know and understand the four universal safety rules and other
safety considerations; and you'll understand the fundamentals of accurate
shooting including proper grip, stance, alignment on the target, and proper
trigger control.

In addition to covering all topics outlined above in our Permit to Carry course,
we'll also spend additional time on the range conducting warm-up drills prior to
the actual shooting qualification portion of the course.

Other topics covered include:  

Safe firearms ownership, handgun & ammunition selection, marksmanship
basics and firearms maintenance.  Students may bring your cased and
unloaded handgun, or we will provide an appropriate semi-auto or revolver for
you to use.

Class duration is approximately eight hours long, and class size will be limited
to no more than 8 students..
Class Fee:  $175.00  Schedule and Registration>
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